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A Familiar Stranger is the website of author and speaker, Matthew Williams.

Matthew’s debut book, Something Changed: Stumbling Through Divorce, Dating & Depression, can be purchased in paperbook or ebook formats from Amazon, by clicking the link: Buy Something Changed here


Sometimes, shit happens.

Depression, divorce, dating disasters, having to take the kids to an Olly Murs concert… we’ve all been there.  Well, maybe not; the specifics might change but one thing’s for sure, if you’re reading this you’ve dealt with some shit along the way. That’s life folks!

The thing about shit though, it’s a great fertiliser.  In dealing with the shit in our lives we learn, we grow, we become better people.  Sometimes, we become something we never imagined we could be.

That’s what happened to me. In the aftermath of divorce and depression I took to my tablet and I wrote.  And I wrote.  And I wrote some more.  In fact, since starting to write in December 2015 I haven’t shut up. And now, I’m a published author. Who’d have thought?

Why do I write?

I write to make sense of things, to find meaning, to release the thoughts and emotions that swirl senselessly around my head, hoping that they reveal some clarity upon landing as words on the page.

By writing I hope to learn things about myself and about life that will make each new chapter in my life better than the one that went before it.  I hope that my writing can help others along the way, to find their own meaning and to provide some food for thought, some comfort, and maybe some laughter too. I am particularly passionate about raising awareness of mental health, and doing my part to reduce the stigma that stops so many people from seeking help.

Shit happens, but if we look there’s usually something to make us smile amongst the mess; maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day we can find it, and if it’s proving hard to find then we can create it ourselves.  Life’s always better when you’re smiling.

Thank you for dropping by, I’m pleased that you found your way here and I hope you stick around.

Very best wishes


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23 thoughts on “About Matthew

  1. Hi Matthew I stumbled on your blog whilst trying to find my blog I wrote in 2013 at university which happened to be given the same title as yours. I had featured a lot of my struggles with coming to terms with my divorce and single parenting and also looking at the funny side of life. Well done on making a success of your writing I do often believe all the reflections and writing I did for my degrees has been a way to clear the mind x

  2. Just read 7 myths about depression via Yahoo and everything you said was true. Reading more of your blogs daily!

  3. Hey Matthew, found your blog thru Sonia’s Facebook post. I recently created a conceptually similar Space for the global Jewish community’s wellness. Would love if you’d check it out and share your thoughts and feedback with me. In the meantime, I’ll dive deeper into yours!

      1. Are you using a WP plug in for the social link? Do you have the URL to the actual FB Page? If it already has the Facebook.com/[insert handle afterward]. If not I would try just pasting the ID in. You can try pasting it in a reply to this and I can test it out.

  4. Hi Matthew. I have just come over from Suzie’ blog. I love the sound of your blog and I too like to try and see the funny side of life, especially when sh*t haappens! Anyway,I just wanted to say hello and have a poke around your blog! 🙂

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