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Readers of Something Changed

Life can change forever in a moment…

In the aftermath of marriage breakdown how do we pick ourselves up and start again?

August 2014 – Matthew Williams was forced to do just that. In Something Changed he navigates us through his journey with wit and wisdom, taking in divorce, dating and self-discovery while facing the dark spectre of depression.

Hopes and fears, laughter and tears – all are encountered along the way to learning some important lessons about love, loss and life.

‘Have you ever noticed how life’s biggest lessons are also the most painful? Maybe that’s just life’s way of making sure we don’t forget them…’

Something Changed – Sample Reviews

Love Middlesbrough

‘Do I think you should read it? Yes, absolutely. For the honesty, for the wise advice that just might come in handy in your own life, for the laughs and the tears, for the music references that you’ll know straightaway if you happen to be in your early 40s, and finally for the story – “love, loss, pain, hope” – it’s a journey and it’s definitely one I would recommend reading.’ 

Love Middlesbrough review

Jess Cantoni

‘All it takes is one person to notice that you’re not feeling ok; to ask you if you’re alright in order to make a difference to your mental health, which hopefully leads you to then make the necessary steps to recovery. That’s what this books does; it helps. It understands. If you’re someone who has been depressed (me included) then you’ll find this book like a comfort blanket; a little ‘ahhhh yes’ moment when you realise you’re not alone.’

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Red Balloons

‘This book could be the lifeline for so many men out there. Give it a read whoever you are because it is class. Matthew is doing what so many people wish they could but don’t quite have the ability to do yet, speaking out. He is being the voice of so many people, and will help so many people. Men and women alike, read it. From a lass’s point of view it was really interesting to see things like divorce and dating from a male point of view. Without all the usual stereotypical bluffing and innuendos.’

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